Saturday, January 6, 2007

All the same...

"No matter what men do, no matter how old they are, no matter what country they're from, they are all the same," 'Tonight Show' host Jay Leno declared one evening. Look at the man checking out Latvian President as she walks by... Source here.

Latvian Highway: You call this progress?

There’s a well-known Russian anecdote about a police officer with a wife and new baby. The young officer can’t make ends meet on his paltry government salary, and he explains his worries to his chief. The chief relents, ordering his secretary to give the officer “a 30 kilometer-per-hour speed limit sign for one month only.” To readers who have not personally dealt with Baltic policemen, some of them will readily take bribes. The joke’s intended audience would understand that the policeman would use the 30 kph sign to issue fines which he would personally pocket. A practice which many suspect is still going on in Latvia. An entire summer of Latvian road construction was recently followed by the placement of 70 kph signs on the new roads. Whatever explanation the state wishes to provide—indeed, there is a bump—most aren’t buying it. Local drivers are convinced it is simply another way for the Latvian police to fill their pockets.

Car Plates from Latvia

Latvia sells the right to write ANY word on car plates to people who can pay for this.
Usually as you can see on the pictures only guys with expensive cars buy this. You can find more successful photos here.

Latvians laugh about Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft had some problems convincing the world that the software company’s newest operating system will arrive on time and is an improvement of XP. In Latvia Microsoft is facing another challenge, when they have to convince the population. In Latvia the name Vista have a completely different meaning.
In Latvian Vista means “hen” or a “not so cool woman”. "The name of the new operating system is well known in international communication and means a vision, a view, a perspective," said public relations manager for Microsoft Latvia, Ilze Nagla. Fortunately for Microsoft there is only about 1.3 million people in the world who speak Latvian. It is therefore doubtful that Microsoft will change the name, as Honda did with their "fitta-model" based on the Norwegian meaning of the word (A rather vulgar expression for the female genitalia).

The definition of "Urlas" from Wikipedia

Urla is derogatory Latvian slang term, referring to all men and women aged 17 to 30 who are believed to be criminals or possess agressive habits.
The term is mainly used by Latvian middle class teenagers, and the meaning is similar to the British slang word Chav.
Typical urla fashion items include sport shoes or vinyl shoes, athletic wear, and leather jackets. A shaved head is believed to be essential for urlas. Also very common atributes are old BMW and other ~15-20 years old automobiles which usually become spots for gathering together. Urla`s musical taste can be described as a passion for anonymous electronic dance music with very monotonous rhythm, but popular MTV stars are quite popular among them too. Most popular alcohol in this comunity is cheap beer in 1.0l or 2.0l plastic bottles with high [9%] ethanol percentage or cheapest beer from 0,5 glass bottle packages.

Be aware of them!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

What we can find in Uncyclopedia About Latvia

Latvia or The Land of The Setting Sun is probably the biggest and most powerful country in the world, being only insignificantly smaller than the Galactic Empire. It's the strongest contentor to Honduras when it comes to the definition of BANANA Republic.
Geographically, Latvia is located on the planet Earth. The extensive northern coasts of Latvia are washed by the Baltic Ocean, and it has terrestial boundaries with some small satellite countries, like the Republic of Afracans (an important supplier of toilet paper), Russia (a rich source of vodka) and others.
Latvians can be easily recognised by their names, which always end with an ending. This also applies to the Latvian language, which is second oldest language in the world (nobody remembers the oldest one). Latvians like to sing, drink beer, eat ridiculous amounts of hard-boiled eggs, grow long hair and dominate the world. They also tend to have 6 toes on one or both feet.
This and a lot more of really really serious and important information about Latvia you can find here! Check it out!

From Riga to rivets

Take a good look at those Levi’s brand jeans you’re wearing. See those rivets that help prevent the pockets from ripping off? If you’re amazed by the genius of those rivets, you have a Jewish tailor from Riga to thank.
Levi Strauss, an immigrant from Bavaria, founded Levi Strauss & Co. in 1853 in San Francisco. Among his customers for fabric was a Jewish tailor named Jacob W. Davis (1834-1908), who had immigrated to the United States from Riga, now the capital of Latvia. Born Jacob Youphes, he changed his surname to Davis when he arrived in America. Davis ran a shop in Reno, Nevada. Davis, according to a history of the first blue jeans posted on the Levi’s Web site, had a customer whose pockets frequently ripped. The tailor hit upon an idea: reinforce the pockets with rivets.
The reinforced pockets worked and soon many in Reno wanted work pants made by Davis. To protect his idea, Davis teamed up with Strauss to obtain a patent.
Strauss hired Davis to oversee production in his company’s San Francisco facility, a position Davis held until his death in 1908. The Davis family still is involved in the garment business.